PANJIT new high voltage FRED for various power systems

Best Trade-Off Performance FRED for Maximizing System Efficiency

Using the proper power diode is a crucial factor for achieving high efficiency in power electronic system, especially the trade-off performance is the key parameter.
PANJIT International Inc. has released power FREDs with the voltage range of 600V-1200V, which are appropriate to be used as rectification or freewheeling in various power applications. These power FREDs have the best trade-off performance supporting power electronic engineers to design the power system with maximized efficiency.


• Best trade-off on Vf & Trr
• Low leakage current
• Soft recovery characteristic for better EMI
• Best efficiency achievable
• Best combination with power switches

Target Application

Performance-Reverse recovery characteristics

Performance-Power Loss Simulation

FRED Line-Up

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